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Roberta Callegaro
ICT Sales Applications

We appreciate in Constep the specific and unique knowledge of our industry, the ability to engineer our business processes and the adaptability and flexibility demonstrated in responding to the different project implementations we have done together over the years. This regards in particular to the issues within: "Sales, Service & Support", "Preventive Maintenance", "Roll-Out" and "Upgrade". In addition, Constep has demonstrated the ability to find effective solutions fully integrated into SAP for the resolution of complex problems such as: "Costing & Princing", "Import/ Export" for clearance of materials, "Contract Lifecycle Management" for the management of helicopters sales contracts. Finally, we would like to highlight the continuous and constant attention to our business needs provided by Constep in all these years of assertive and constructive cooperation.

EPTA Refrigeration

Enea Invernizzi
ICT Application Manager

We have found in Constep a strong support to the review of the information flows of EPTA’s after-sales area. Thanks to their professionalism and deep process knowledge we have designed and implemented a state-of-the-art "mobile" solution for the management and optimization of technician operations at our Customers. The new architecture compared to that of the previous year, provides a greater control, scalability, and a significant reduction in process operating costs by using innovative technologies fully integrated and supported by the standard SAP ECC already in our possession. We are pleased with the results and give credit to Constep for their ability to combine high level technical-functional and the ability to understand business needs.


Andrea Del-Bo
GSI/ARD - SAP HR Time & Payroll Services Europe

Consulting and coaching was carried out by Constep with competence and our overall evaluation is of a highly professional service.

The subjects covered were developed in a linear and understandable way, run by people widely available to meet the requests for clarification and deeper understanding.


Egidio Asnaghi

I consider Constep an ideal partner for the abilities demonstrated during the project of integration of the two SAP platforms. The professionalism and expertise of Constep emerged clearly in giving a significant contribution not only in terms of technical solutions but also active participation in the analysis and revision of process flows.


Fabrizio Bogo

Bulgari Ireland Group subsidiary has as its main function the worldwide logistics for all distribution channels and for all divisions. It consists of 70 people distributed in different departments of Customer Service, Distribution Planning, Packaging, Supply Chain and its Staff functions. With the support of Constep a personalized coaching plan for the area of SAP Sales & Distribution has been developed. Feedback is absolutely excellent and very useful considering the level of customization of our SAP ECC system and related business processes and logistics flows. The preparation and the willingness of Constep professionals has been appreciated by all the participants, especially when going deeper into some issues peculiar of Bulgari’s reality. The overall assessments of the offer, the commercial approach and the organization availability have proven to be of the highest professional value.


Morselli Marco
IT Manager Mikron SA

We have found in Constep a strong and competent partner to support the globalization of our "After Sales Services" processes.

Their knowledge of our industry and its characteristic processes, has contributed in the identification of effective solutions for the resolution of complex problems such as "costing & princing" of components sold.

They have also provided a viable and fully integrated with SAP solution for the management and planning of Customer interventions.


Antonio Castellazzi

I belong to a multinational American company present in every corner of the world with thousands of employees. To achieve SAP certification in the field of Active Cycle I used the support of Constep, which responded appropriately to my needs even going beyond the normal teacher-student relationship. A proof of this is the last "coaching" done in preparation for the examination, where the skill and competence of Constep people allowed me to obtain the certification. My strong positive feedback is not only due to the fact that it has achieved the certification. It is also due to the methodology used and the particular attention that I have noticed during the period of attendance. I am sure that the methodology used will come in very handy in the continuation of my work in the corporate arena. Finally, I express my most sincere appreciation to the people with whom I have had the good luck to interact and I can highly recommend Constep as a highly professional company.


Alessandro Ponassi

We have found in Constep an ideal partner to support the development and systematic activities of our information system, with a strong ability to represent and engineer flows and processes and to implement them effectively on the application platform, with deep expertise "crosswide".


Antonio Sparacino
IT Manager Amc Italia Spa

I met Constep trainers while participating in a course at SAP Italy and I immediately appreciated their competence, clarity and availability.

When I needed to develop a major project on Warranty management, I had no doubt that Constep had the right characteristics to ensure that everything went fine. The facts have proved us right, so as to involve them in another strategic and innovative project regarding the mobile area.

Constep, in my opinion, has its strength in its ability to combine a deep knowledge of the SAP world with new technologies in web and mobile allowing it to drive the ERP to new channels of communication and business.