Technological evolution provides you with the tools to support and grow your company and thanks to our Assessment service you can discover how to concretely improve your internal processes. 


Our service starts from an in-depth analysis of the information systems you use, takes a photograph that can show you your reality and defines what are the business objectives you can achieve by implementing IT systems. Once we have established your objectives, methods and priorities, we show you the best practices that will allow you to make your information systems efficient and we work with you on a digital transformation plan that aims to improve your processes and grow your business.


Our assessment advice allows you to:

  • Take advantage of a service that enhances and improves the processes and technologies you already use
  • Be involved in defining your company's growth goals
  • Improve your company's performance
  • Transform and improve all your company's ICT systems


Some of our activities: 

  • Babcock: the area involved was about the Management Control
  • Premec: design drawing of the "Custom Pen" process


Constep consultants not only carry out the assessment of information systems, but also train the client company's employees in the correct use of new technologies and workflows.

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