Trench Italy

Trench Italy

The Cairo Montenotte factory of Trench Italy, a company wholly controlled by Siemens, is specialized in the design and production of high and very high voltage measurement transformers.

The Ligurian plant (present on the market under the name of Trench Italia) covers 53,000 square meters of which 15,000 are covered and 7,000 are dedicated to the various productions of the company. Here is concentrated the European production of capacitive equipment for high voltage in addition to the important production of SF6 (sulfur hexafloride) gas measuring transformers.


The particular type of production, characterized by products configured according to unique specifications that differentiate almost piece by piece, has meant that Trench Italy also equipped itself, in addition to a sales configurator on SAP ECC, also a discrete production plan manufacturing with base list at one level.

This has meant that on one side the production was efficient and aimed at the customer's specifications, but in the other it was actually invisible during the entire crossing time.

Constep first made an assessment of the PP, QM and CO part to ensure that SAP was able to correctly plan and manage the previous and the following, then focused on the pure processing phase by developing a tool called ASSETTO SALA that allows to track the production phases room by room, avoiding the problem of the absence of semi-finished products.

ASSETTO SALA follows Trench from the moment  the production order is released until the finished product is deposited in the warehouse, tracing times and phases and guaranteeing effective production tracking from planning in the room, to progress in each individual room.