Assetto Sala

Assetto Sala

The objective:


Trench is a multinational company, part of the Siemens group. The company is located in Italy in the town of Cairo Montenotte (SV) and is active in the sector of electrical machinery and equipment, more specifically in the production of high voltage transformers. It was necessary to develop the hall layout because the Discrete Manufacturing is active in the Trench (ECC / Oracle System) and the Material Ledger is not active. This system configuration does not allow, at a standard level, to track and follow the production progress. In this regard, "Assetto Sala" was born


What is:


Here are some particularities of the process that have contributed:

• Discrete Manufacturing is active

• OdP created by Odv through sales configurator

• Serials created at the release of the OdP

• BOM at a single level

• Material Ledger not active

• Back Schedulatio

• Back flush


Assetto Sala is an ABAP Module Pool, accessible from the GUI, through which the various actors schedule, activate and confirm the phases of an OdP.


Which technology:


Configurations made:

• The "Rooms" have been assigned to the CdL, in the personal data and in the location field

• The rooms are subject to capacity calculation, starting from the availability of the CdL to which they are assigned

• Activation and creation of custom tables to drive some process flows / data.

• Association to User status Serials to track the treatment process

• Partial and Total confirmations on the phases of the OdP