The need for SINT:


SINT Group, formed by market leading companies, offers a complete portfolio of personalized services and turnkey solutions for distribution networks and retail sales visual communication projects.


SINT’s objective: provide both customers and suppliers with a tool that will highlight the progress of installations and technical interventions, providing fast access to all the necessary information at any given time.


What is it?


E-Project is a web portal completely integrated with SAP ECC PS module (Project System). Thanks to the drill-down functionality it is possible to navigate to the different reports’ details and display information at:

  • Highest level: inspection progress status and engineering and installation percentage progress
  • Lowest level: highlight more specific details such as addresses and telephone numbers of the different points of sale (POS), attachments (such as inspection images and technical designs), quotations, etc.

In addition to this, two more important functionalities have been included:

  • Attachment management: DMS attachments can be uploaded or downloaded for every project/network, with an additional preview if available (for example, pdf documents or images)
  • Sending e-mails: regarding the requested maintenance. Users are now able to add a free text that will become the main body of the e-mail


Technology being used:


WebPortal realization is made through the implementation of SAP ABAP Web Dynpro to guarantee a user-friendly interface; 3 Web Dynpro components have been developed:

  • Main component, window which provides access to the subsequent components
  • “Body” component
  • “Tool” component

All the components are integrated between themselves using a standard SAP BAPISAP PS data is accessed directly.


This module based structure enables and facilitates the introduction of new enhancements.