WLM – Warranty Lifecycle Management

WLM – Warranty Lifecycle Management

AMC’s target:


AMC is a world leader company of high-end cooking systems for healthy and tasty food.

The AMC Worldwide Guarantee worth 30 years for firing units, basins and elements of composition of stainless steel, as well as all the steel parts of AMC Secuquick Softline from delivery date to the customer.


Target of AMC:

  • Map: updating information system with all the input and output movements.
  • Speed: endowing the maintenance men of a simple and practical tool.
  • Automate: generate SAP documents and prints directly at occurrence of events.


What is it?


Warranty Lifecycle Management (WLM) is a "Touch Screen Solution" and has been designed for all those customers who need to manage the product sold under warranty logics.


All the features in this package were based on the tools belonging to the SAP product suite, so no additional licenses are needed to those already owned by the customer (you only need to add the purchase of the hardware).


In case of need to add other functionalities, WLM - Basic package is scalable and is the basis from which to start.


The main functionalities of the tool include:

  • Authentication on system by selecting a technician warehouse's photo and enter the password in the pop-up
  • Loading itemized list: loading of itemized list contained in parcels via a "touch screen" application, which offers on video a catalog of products with its images
  • Evaluation of pieces: using a barcode reader it is possible to pick up the packages and carry the load of materials in the system. The WLM system highlights any discrepancies, guiding the operator to the resolution of any discrepancies in code and quantity.
  • Shipping: operators withdraw from pallets one piece at a time through the barcode label in proximity of a fixed reader that indicates their destination. In this way, the piece is placed in a specific area of expertise
  • View and print: to support the management of the workflow, there are a number of reports for the daily management of activities:  
    • Drawing lists of new material
    • Print materials to be reconditioned
    • Print materials to repair internally
    • Analysis of the components consumed


Technology used:




Warranty Lifecycle Management (WLM) is a web application developed to be mobile first and it is fully integrated with the SAP modules MM, SD and the Dictionary.

The solution is microservice based and runs in the Cloud Foundry environment on SAP Business Technology Platform. The main technologies used for the development are SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, Node.js, React, UI5 Web Components, Typescript.

The user authentication is managed by SAP Identity Authentication Service or other Identity Provider via OAuth2.


Accessories / Hardware


To take full advantage of the software components it is of paramount importance to use specific Hardware such as:

  • Fixed barcode reader
  • Barcode reader gun
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Thin client
  • Barcode printer