SMC – Service Management Cockpit

SMC – Service Management Cockpit

EPTA needs:


EPTA, multinational corporation leader of the supply in high quality business refrigeration service, is both partner of retailers “turnkey” and supplier single refrigeration unit for trade and after market.

EPTA wanted to satisfy its customers quickly and efficiently. The product Service Management Cockpit (SMC) is made to be the only access point for the Service to make the assistance process easier and faster.


What is:


Service Management Cockpit (SMC) is a product with following purposes:

  • To increase the speedy in the research of the customers. Thank to a specific system, just one information as the city can show a list of all information
  • To have only one access point for customer profile and customer service: only one screen shows main information about the customer (equipment, history calling, contracts, etc) and the calling sections (service order etc)
  • To make easier the customer effort, simplify all process (assistance, telemonitoring..). Using the codification (standard element on the service alert), user can select the process, saving all the info and all the documents
  • Create a parametric instrument which suppports standard process of customer service after market. Standard table and custom table are made to plan this process, so it’s possible to put into new companies and new process


The Service Management Cockpit (SMC) has been given to Telemonitoring Service phone switchboard h24 and to Italian phone switchboard, it’s a dedicated activity which needs to create the tickets as alerts for any alert received during the monitoring process; after that, Cockpit sends an email to every selling point.


Which Tecnology:


Service Management Cockpit (SMC) is a product made with ABAP Web Dynpro and it’s supported by SAP CS.


This solution has been supported by Customer Mobile Service (CMS) with SAP NetWeaver Gateway (free), to select the technician from the map (by geolocation) and to manage independently.