Inquiry Mobile

Inquiry Mobile

AMC’s requirement:


AMC is a world leader in the field of high-end stainless steel cooking systems for healthy and tasty food. AMC agents worldwide are in charge of favoring the culture of healthy pleasure, offering more than 12 million customers a higher quality of life.


The requirements of AMC is to allow the Agents, via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) accedd to the following queries:

  • Models 901 (models for repair requests management).
  • Product warranties
  • Customer Orders
  • Product lists


What is it?


Inquiry Mobile is a cross-platform, fast and ready to use mobile application, that may be used regardless of the device and operating system.


The agent can log in with his credentials and access a list of specific and detailed queries based on his user id. Some operations are even available to the end-users without the need of authentication, such as checking the status and tracking of goods delivered under warranty.


The agent can also check at any time the product warranty, Customer orders’ status or pricing in real-time as each query is executed in real-time in SAP ERP.


The App Mobile Inquiry information is divided into tabs and screens to ensure it is user friendly and the remarkable use of the information provided.


The future perspective is the ability to place orders through mobile devices and activate an acceptance workflow for these orders.


Technology used:


For the realization of the user interface PhoneGap framework was used which exploits the potential of HTML5 and jQuery Mobile.


The data provider is SAP ECC 6.0 using RESTful and SOAP services published with OData protocol.


A special feature is the addition of the means of authentication: to ensure a high level of security the client has requested that all utilities were certified through the use of authentication services by Microsoft Share Point as an integration middleware to the enterprise Directory Serve.