IEMT - Import Export Management Tool

IEMT - Import Export Management Tool

The objective of AgustaWestland:


AgustaWestland is an Anglo-Italian multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and sells civil and military helicopters worldwide.


AgustaWestland is a Customs agent and may carry out the Customs clearance at its plants, for this reason it must be able to manage in an accurate and timely way Customs activities such as:

  • Identification of incoming goods subject to customs bond.
  • Creation of the Customs instructions for creating a Customs declaration to be transferred to the systems used for the calculation of duties and communication with the Customs Agency.
  • Monitoring and management of temporary imports
  • extensions
  • speedings

Within this context, Contep’s IEMT product has been created.


What is it?


The Import / Export Management Tool (IEMT) is a tool created with the aim to streamline and speed in a centralized manner all transactions that take place within the Customs area.


This tool, created primarily for the collection of information necessary for the creation of the Customs declaration in the different scenarios of the Customer's business (buying new material, made ​​for repair / warranty / etc ..) and for the management of temporary imports, was also designed with the aim of being able to adapt and extend easily to a wider management of Customs operations, both in import and export.


Technology used:


IEMT tool is highly customizable and extensible and was created with a Module Pool containing Dynpro with ALV and structured pop-ups.


To retrieve the information for declarations, it interfaces with the components of SAP logistics cycle (active and passive cycle) and for communication with the entity responsible for Customs declarations it uses a SFTP transfer via NetWeaver PI system.