CSC – Customer Service Cockpit

CSC – Customer Service Cockpit

Mikron’s need:


Mikron, a complex multinational company, is a leader in solutions for chips removal and automation for large-scale production of high precision components for several leading sectors, from automotive components to the pharmaceutical industry.


The challenge of Mikron: have a customer support service that can best meet the customer's needs in a streamlined and functional. How?


By centralizing business EFFECTIVELY, having a single point of access for all operations and customer support:

  • Service notification, service order, etc
  • Allocation of internal and external resources on a single calendar
  • Complete history of the customer at service notification creation
  • Quick tool as logistical support to organize the travel of technicians


Unifying approach for the whole group, without affecting in any way the current architecture thus ensuring EFFICIENCY:

  • Scalable product across all group companies equally
  • Single database for customers, equipment, functional location, staff, calendars, etc


What is it?:


Customer Service Cockpit (CSC) is a web-based application, fully integrated with ECC using standard solutions and, a single database.


It's easy to use and display only the necessary information to process. Thanks to the scheduler you can assign the technicians’ activities with the "Drag & Drop", it is integrated in real time with ECC and with the external system of attendance.


Thanks to Mobility, available for Smartphones, Tablets, etc., You can also consult activities, data and constantly monitor the work.


  • Customer consultation: address, contacts and general guidelines to reach the customer
  • Equipment consultation: fault detected, previous maintenance, links to technical drawings, etc
  • Business trip management: flights, reservation codes, vouchers for car rental and hotels
  • Availability monitor: dates and information regarding transport of spare parts


Used Technology:


It’s a profitable and customizable solution, fully integrated with SAP CS module. It was created mainly with the use of ABAP Web Dynpro, integrating Flash Island for the realization of the scheduler and Full Calendar for the management of calendars.


Used technology allows thinking about further developments both in Customer Service and in other areas:

  • Customer Self Service for ticket opening and web tracking by the customer
  • Viewing of installed base and customer history via web
  • Using the Scheduler integrated with HR (TM) and ECC for other business processes such as production, production on projects
  • Integration with contracts, guarantees