CMS – Customer Mobile Service

CMS – Customer Mobile Service

EPTA’s objective:


EPTA, a leading multinational provider of equipment and services of high quality for commercial refrigeration, is a qualified partner for retailers with both "turnkey" projects and as a supplier of individual refrigeration units for commercial areas and after-sales services.


The purpose of EPTA: provide support to their customers quicklyimmediately and effectively, ensuring at the same time the optimization of their resources management in terms of money and time.


What is it?


Constep’s Customer Mobile Service (CMS) is an extremely innovative product created using two important technologies:

  • Geolocation operator assistance on the map to identify readily available technicians who are closer to the customer who requires support. The identification of the suitable subject considers both his availability and the distance he has to travel to reach the customer faster thus, avoiding loss of time and money.
  • Mobile application provided to technicians to enable them to perform routine tasks quickly and in an automated way, including:
  • View and accept / reject the requests.
  • Verify the correct opening of the request through the search service equipment.
  • Log into the worksheet to display the operations to be carried out at the customer and check activities.
  • Replenishment of the resources consumed from a predefined list, created automatically by the worksheet.
  • Electronic signature at the intervention closure.


Technology used:


The development of this product has involved several cutting-edge technologies.


The geolocation has been integrated to a WebDynpro application via the Google Maps API for a fee (we are working to make the application able to integrate to free geolocation services). The Maps component has been developed in such a way that enables it to be totally independent from the application context, thus ensuring a potential use for any scenario.


For the interaction with the mobile application, SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is being used for the publication of REST services (OData) and to send notifications from SAP back office to Android devices push notification service (GCM - Google Cloud Messaging) is used.


Mobile Application - User Interface:


The infrastructure of the CMS has as a final result the ability to be distributed on most on the major mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS native APPs. Alternatively it can be developed on SAPUI5 or implemented through the solution PhoneGap to increase portability, managing the deploy to the platforms, leaving PhoneGap the task of interacting with the native components of the individual platforms.


Geolocation directly integrated into SAP


The user of Back Office handles calls in collaboration with the operator directly from SAP applications without the need to work with other software. Google services are fully integrated in the GUI and allow a bidirectional iteration SAP-GOOGLE MAPS. You can work with your engineers located throughout the area, directly from SAP and from a single application.


The need to send information messages in real-time has been met once again by using the well-established integration with GOOGLE services.