Costing & Pricing

Costing & Pricing

The objective:


Any company to be competitive in a global trade has to implement a pricing policy based on a real and quick study.


To meet these needs efficiently, Constep has created the Costing&Pricing instrument according to its costumers needs. This instrument provides a cost and a price for spare part selling and reparation in Customer service.


What is:


The Costing & Pricing Cockpit has this purpose:

  • Using data in ECC compliting with data for costs and price
  • Being flexibile to make price calculations (with specific logic for spare parts)
  • Adapting to new needs and new calculation parameter to meet the new selling logic quickly and efficiently
  • Being easy application


Costing & Pricing Cockpit – Spare parts selling


The APP can be used in different business because is based on use of standard “transazionali” objects

  • Purchase Order, contracts or delivery plan, purchase inforecord
  • Series and Receipt of production
  • Price condition and record price condition


To establish the price there are two phases:


  • Costs calculation is made by standard transition with logic defined by the company for mark-up or specific cost

The cost calculation includes User Exit Standard (with own logic as ISTAT coefficient and exchange rate to actualize purchase price.


  • Selling price calculation, using ECC standard pricing, using specific condition to memorize the selling price increase from the first cost


Costing & Pricing Cockpit – Reparation selling


This cockpit has been improved to satisfy reparation process of expensive components (it can’t be used a standard price).


The APP is made up of two phases:

  • Cost calculation using the purchase order or reparation order; spare parts used for the reparation are defined by the cost made up of APP “Costing and Pricing spare parts selling”
  • Price selling calculation for any customer. Spare parts prices used for the reparation are defined by the price made up of APP “Costing and Pricing spare parts selling


Which technology:


Cockpit Costing & Pricing are made by standard Dynpro classiche and ALV, and is linked to main standards components of the system as:

  • Material registry
  • Distinte base.
  • Purchase order
  • Price condition


Cost and price calculation is the “core” of this product and it can be developed on several user interface as ABAP Web Dynpro.




Costing & Pricing has been implemented in AgustaWestland and Mikron.