BORA – Box Office Retail Application

BORA – Box Office Retail Application

Beri's objective:


Beri Italia is a company member of PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN Group, which includes Automobiles Peugeot e Automobiles Citroën, and it has been planning and developing IT projects for more 30 years not only for its Group but also for Automotive companies as Dealers.


Beri’s objective is about managing tickets and boutique purchases at the Peugeot museum with a technological and intuitive instrument.


What is:


Retail Box Office Application is a Web Based product. It could respect several standards and it could be used to manage cash register, to take museum tickets and invoicing boutique purchases.


The main features of the register are:

  • Cash Register Opening
  • Cash Register Withdrawal
  • Cash Register Closing
  • Cash Register Reporting check-out

Any operation made on cash register is linked real time to ERP SAP and it makes documents automatically, according to if it’s ticketing or selling in boutique. To make the ticketing easier, the selling surveys are pre-defined and they are different for type and price.


Which Technology:


Retail Box Office Application has been developed with several techological elements:

  • SAP UI5 for interface user.
  • SAP ECC for backend.
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway for communication between user and backend.

Any feature, which is managed by the instrument, is linked with backend SAP ECC to Getway services and it’s possible in very few and quick clicks.


SAP U15 technology allows use the APP on several devices with different OS and different browser for ex:

  • Windows (with Explorer, Firefox and Chrome)
  • Apple IPad or IPhone (with its browser or another one downloaded from the store, supporting by HTML5)
  • Android Smartphone or Tablet (with browser on board or another one downloaded from the store, supporting by HTML5)