Oasi of Galbusera Bianca 29 September 2020

Oasi of Galbusera Bianca

29 Sep 2020

On 29 September the Constep group met for its annual goliardic day at the "Agriturismo Oasi di Galbusera Bianca" in the Montevecchia and Valle del Curone Regional Park.


The morning starts with the presentation of the coach who will follow us throughout the day and we are immediately involved in the first activity: Storytelling.

"Who are we?", "Who are we within the company?", "What are our super powers?" These are just some of the questions we had to answer in a completely original way using the elements that Nature offered around us.

An experience that fosters a sense of corporate belonging with creativity and lightness, in a particular historical period where each of us, moving away from the community, had to deal with inevitable difficulties.


Once we have collected enough elements, we use them to give life to our Totem, the historical symbol of belonging par excellence, which requires a creative process where it is highlighted how much one's individual contribution can create and confirm the identity of the group.

Confront and collaborate to create together something that represents the essence of the group.


Lunch takes place in a beautiful room with a fireplace, exposed beams and crystal chandeliers. The seasonal menu offers products from the organic and biodynamic farm, and selected local zero-km suppliers.

The afternoon is largely dedicated to a rich and exciting treasure hunt designed specifically for us where step by step some important team values emerge and are highlighted: observation, cooperation, goal orientation and relationship orientation.

In a suggestive location and guided by the spirit of adventure that distinguishes every self-respecting team, with healthy competition each team manages to give the best of itself in singing tests and in logic tests, demonstrating how every single component is an active and essential part for achieve the result desired by the whole team.


After the treasure hunt in the late afternoon we gather in the Drum Circle: the circle of drums.

This unique and fun experience, in addition to bringing everyone's creative side into play, teaches to listen and express oneself with respect for others, enhancing diversity and creating a teamwork model.

The orchestra as a model of organizational excellence.


Listening, self-reflection, creativity, energy, emotion, involvement, enthusiasm and motivational leadership are the key skills that this day taught, remembered and will surely be treasured.


With this experience, Constep once again wishes to underline how fundamental and profitable the value of Team Building is. When the "I" becomes "we" and when diversity is a wealth, there is nothing that can prevent a group from evolving to improve and achieve the set goals.