Corsi per lo sviluppo di Soft Skills

Corsi per lo sviluppo di Soft Skills

8 Nov 2022


8th November 2022

The "Emotional intelligence: management of emotions and stress" course was concluded, aimed at acquiring greater awareness of one's own emotional experience and consequently a better management of one's behavioral reactions, in the workplace and not.







23rd November 2022

The "Problem solving" course aimed at developing the process of analysis,
evaluation and rational management of problems in the professional field has ended.
The central theme was the assessment of complex situations and the identification/
solution of problems through practical group exercises.







30th November 2022 

The "Team working" course has ended! This course is aimed at analyzing and developing management and team development skills. Furthermore, it allows you to acquire systematic ways in leading work groups and outline effective strategies for managing collaborators in a team context.