Parco di Monza: Saint Georges Premier

Parco di Monza: Saint Georges Premier

28 Jun 2024


On Friday, June 28th, we spent a day together in the setting of the Monza park.

Our CEO Giuseppe Sabatino illustrated the vision for the future of Constep to us and we discussed the topic of well-being.

The focal points illustrated the soft skills development path with the TTI Success Insights method and the center of excellence project which will see the involvement of the entire Constep team.




Some colleagues shared their case history and the lessons they learned from it in a round table.

Finally, the team of young new entries talked about their onboarding experience and answered the question: why work at Constep?

It was a great opportunity for growth as well as a pleasant day in which we had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a context other than the office.