Fattoria Gaggio

Fattoria Gaggio

27 Sep 2019

On 27 September, Constep organised a different kind of day, choosing as its location the Fattoria Gaggio farm in Galliate Lombardo, a beautiful farm overlooking Lake Varese.

The dominant theme of the day was sport!!

Yes, surrounded by nature and animals, we decided to organise a small volleyball tournament between colleagues and despite some initial hesitation due to lack of preparation, it was amazing to see how sport can foster team spirit and excite a group.




In work as in life, sport is an excellent ally for achieving goals.

Good organisation, tenacity and resourcefulness are just a few examples of the fundamental characteristics for doing a good job, whether on the volleyball court or in a professional environment.

In particular, working in a team emphasises important aspects such as balance, respect for roles and continuous comparison.

After all that hard work, we took a break and enjoyed a healthy snack of bread, butter and jam, focaccia, tart and fruit juice, all homemade in the company's own tradition.




Once the volleyball tournament was over, we decided to take a pleasant walk around the area, discovering a landscape of unquestionable beauty.




The day ended with a dinner full of zero-kilometre dishes offered by the company and we celebrated a very special event by saying goodbye to a dear colleague who, after 11 years of working with us, has left us to begin his retirement and to whom we renew our best wishes.