Cascina Borgofrancone 11-12 July 2019

Cascina Borgofrancone

11 Jul 2019

Cascina Borgofracone: a farmhouse in the green countryside on the shores of Lake Como.

In this splendid location, far from the rhythms of the city and the offices, on 11 and 12 July the Constep staff met once again to spend a pleasant moment together in the name of sharing.



The afternoon is spent doing various activities including tennis, hiking, cycling and pure relaxation until dinner, when we enjoy local delicacies surrounded by the sounds of the countryside.

It is often underestimated how much a different context can foster group cohesion, especially when your job usually involves being independent from the client but far from the office environment.

The following morning we start the day with a regenerating yoga lesson, which for many of us is a great discovery, and after a hearty breakfast we prepare for the meeting.




The first half of 2019 has been a period full of experiences that have led us to achieve great things and set new goals. During the morning we explored many aspects including revenue analysis, new projects, the organisation chart of the corporate structure and the focus on continuing education.

In the afternoon, we went into more operational detail by going over specific activities that some of us had undertaken at the client.

For us, it is essential to share the path we have taken, or are taking, with the client so that we can gather new points of view, highlight critical issues and gain insights for growth.

The day ends with a fun cooking lesson in which we juggle home-made pasta and once again team spirit and collaboration are key components in achieving a common goal.