6 December 2019 Meetings: Junior, Consultant and Senior

Meetings: Junior, Consultant and Senior

6 Dec 2019

The last goliardic day of 2019 took place on Friday 6 December.


During the morning, the results obtained during the year were shown and the forecasts for 2020 were presented.


2019 has proved to be a year full of challenges and news and we are going to experience the year that will come with the same enterprising spirit that has always distinguished us.


Other points of attention during the morning presentation were the analysis of the revenue, the projects carried out and underway, the company structure, strategies, business ethics and the most relevant events of the year.

Immediately afterwards, as always, we wanted to give space to the sharing of the various projects undertaken by the consultants and each was able to present a global analysis of the activity carried out both from a technical point of view and from that of the personal design experience addressed.




After the lunch break we left space for the Focal Point meetings and the Consultant / Junior meetings.

On this occasion of discussion there are often points for reflection, objections and new issues to be faced in order to improve and improve and are always the first step to implement strategies aimed at personal and business growth.

The constructive debate proves once again one of the winning keys of a team.



The day then ended with a good dinner in a magical Christmas atmosphere in a restaurant in the center of Seregno and we greeted each other with the usual exchange of good wishes.