28 September 2018 Company Team Building

Company Team Building

28 Sep 2018

On Friday 28 September 2018 Jungle Park in Albavilla hosted us in the tranquillity of their park, to spend some time adventuring and consolidating our team.


The first part of the day allowed us to have fun combining exercise with nature and the experience of being in a forest among the various paths suspended in the air.




After a good lunch at "La Nuova Locanda del Viceré ", it's time to get involved and start collaborating.

The afternoon were dedicated to the orienteering activity always carried out in the woods surrounding the park.



The activity tested: resistance to stress and ability to interact within the group in an unfamiliar environment.

To begin with a short briefing with the description of the activity to be carried out and the presentation of the tools to be used (map, compass, timing system), later we divided into two teams.

Objectives achieved:

  • Learn the use of new tools such as a map and compass;
  • Make decisions by choosing the best path (decision making);
  • Decide for the whole group (leadership);
  • Collaborate to achieve a shared choice (membership);
  • Be able to move quickly on an unknown territory (strategic planning);
  • Be independent in carrying out the assigned task (time management);
  • Take on unexpected problems (problem solving);
  • Work in difficult conditions (outdoor training);
  • Cooperate for a common goal (team working).

At the end of the activity we reunited again in debriefing to share the lived experience and evaluate the ways in which the teams collaborated and faced the different tests.