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In Constep we develop Packaged Solutions to empower a fast project cycle to bring value at a fixed cost to solve real life everyday problems.

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Constep IoT Platform

How can you reduce maintenance costs, improve asset performance and optimize all your business processes?


Simply...with Constep IoT Platform!

A customizable package designed for every need.


Fast and effective asset management is one of the key elements for the success of a modern and innovative company. The challenge lies in the ability to manage assets with a global and centralized view, in continuous connection with business systems.


The evolution of production processes and the introduction of new business models, centered on different assets, requires a remote asset monitoring system that allows operational and status data to be incorporated into a centralized platform. For companies, the key issue to address is the interpretation of the data collected to create valuable information that enables correct and immediate process optimization and predictive asset maintenance.


Constep IoT Platform is the solution for asset management, improvement and maintenance based on data acquisition from IoT sensors in the field. The data produced are stored in a cloud system from which you can observe the real-time status and view important events.


What are the benefit?

  • Lower costs for general repairs
  • Lower sudden breakage
  • Reduction in maintenance time
  • Lower costs for spare parts in storage
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased resource availability


Today's technologies allow asset management based on detailed conditions or forecasts, significantly lowering maintenance costs on the one hand and maximizing the productive value of the asset by helping to reduce the risk of failure of planned activities on the other.


Constep Timesheet Reporting

How can you keep track of the workload of your employees on each and every project they work on?


Easy...with Constep Timesheet Reporting!

A flexible yet simple package ready to deploy.


The importance of keeping track of the time spent from client to client along side the expenses that needs to be collected and organized, is crucial in a good management environment.

Often the hassle to navigate complex HR management solutions is opposed to have a spreadsheets overload that occur with no solution. Constep Timesheet Reporting gives you the best of both ends by providing a solid structure of a cloud application with the flexibility and ease of use of a spreadsheet.


What are the benefit?

  • Cloud solution always available, also optimized for mobile usage
  • Easily keep track of hours per project
  • Intuitive, spreadsheet like way of interacting with the timesheet
  • Allow to upload picture of expenses directly from the smartphone
  • Export to Excel or PDF of any timesheet and every query report
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