Change Management and Coaching

In recent years we have been witnessing major changes within companies: mergers, acquisitions, divestments of business units. When companies decide to change, they take integrated action on their structures, technologies, organisational processes, culture and people.


Constep is characterised by generating practical and effective results in change programs by acting not only in the technological aspect, but also by exploiting the cultural dimension.


Change programs are more effective within the organizational dimension, working with the structure and management of the project than the individual dimension, but we also know that every person has the resources to develop itself and contribute to the development of the organization in which he operates if the intangible heritage of skills, values ​​and motivations of the subjects within business organizations are taken care of.


We offer managerial assistance and support in change processes with an approach that effectively combines design capabilities and realization support.


We realize change management programs through role analysis and skills development integrating them with the training of SAP solutions.


We provided our customer AgustaWestland Italy change management activities for the mapping of the active cycle flow in the area of ​​Customer Support & Services and Operations, identifying all the check points necessary to ensure the requirements of the Narrative to the application of Law 262.


At Bizerba, we planned the review of Sales and Customer Services processes.


Our services enable us to study and build a training program in line with the Customer’s specific and particular needs through the analysis of training requirements, design of the development plan and, the delivery of intervention and evaluation of results.


The evaluation criteria for educational and professional preparation ensure high level quality standards. Trainers have both an outstanding educational and professional curriculum, demonstrated specific knowledge of the issues dealt with in conjunction with proven teaching experience.


Our certified trainers provide both standard and ad-hoc education for SAP Italy. In addition, we deliver Coaching services to some of our customers such as: BocchiottiBulgariBasfCotyBizerbaAMCHugo Boss, etc.

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