The need for AMC Italia to improve the corporate workflow, through improvements in the management of purchase requests and purchase orders, has allowed AMC Italia to meet Constep.

The customer's need was to create a flow, through SAP Workflow, with automatic approval of the purchase request and purchase order. This allowed the customer a considerable time saving in the approval of the requests.


The project included the following activities:

• Business process design and workflow optimization

• Definition of approvers and organizational structure

• Creation of workflow flow related to requests and purchase orders

• Sending mail for automatic approval of RdA and PO


Thanks to the demonstrated competence and professionalism, the project has been enormously successful, so much so that it has been extended to AMC International.

The AMC company has a "door-to-door" type of sales, so it decided to create the "AMCForU" APP to help consultants who make sales and demos in videostreaming or live. To do this, native IOS and Android APPs have been developed, while dedicated SAP services have been developed in SAP and published via SOAMANAGER. The services return: list prices, list of orders by agent, list of agents hierarchy, allow you to search for customers. At logon, some data are read immediately, while others only when it is necessary to use them. The sales agent, using the app: selects the customer (he can possibly ask to create one by entering the necessary data), selects the products he is about to sell, and has the customer sign. When the signature is sent, a dedicated service is invoked that creates the order in SAP.